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News Firmamento Milano now on sale

Firmamento Milano is the exclusive distributor in Japan for Firmamento Milano, an original philosophy lighting collection designed by renowned architects and designers.

Firmamento Milano is located in Via Privata Battista de Rolandi 14.
The Firmamento Milano showroom and HIDEO's Milan studio are located here.
In 2022, Mr. Carlo Guglielmi, the founder of Firmamento Milano, and Hideo Shimizu, the president of HIDEO, met here and came to share the long road they have traveled together.
Filamento Milano, which means the Milanese sky, is a lighting collection with a unique philosophy designed by Mr. Guglielmi and other renowned architects and designers. Sharing the same desire to look to the future and innovation, Filamento Milano will be launched in the Japanese market in 2023.

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